The Queen Elli
  Queen Elli  
As queen, my responibilities include setting the tone for
daily living,keeping up the morale my subjects, representing
my group at official functions and solving  the occasional
dispute. Yes, even a leader as strong as myself must 
sometimes roll up my sleeves and work out problems
among my entourage.

This was the case on one sunny Saturday. As I was leading
the group through their morning toilette a dispute arose
over the use of my special rose-scented bath powder in the
pink foil cannister. Haillee was making outrageous claims
about the bath powder being hers, saying she always used
it after bathing, she was the only one in the group who
cared about smelling good, and so on and so on.

Needless to say, I became quite offended. I mean, I run
the group, right? I set the pace for the day, lead the
exercises, say when we play -- I even say when we alert
the household that their may be passers-by in the area by
emitting eradrum shattering barks. So where does she get off?

I attempted to assert my position on these issues. I explained
that I had been there first, that the powder had been a
special gift for my first birthday, that it was obvious that
no one except me was supposed to use my special rose-scented
bath powder in the pink foil container, that she was a big
fat twit, and so on. I was a little dismayed that no one stepped
in and took my side. There was a lot of rolling around on wet
towels on the floor going on.

I continued to make my point with the shifty-eyed Haillee.
(And by the way, who spells their name like that anyway?
Two "e"s? Who is she kidding? I bet she dots the "i" with
a smiley face too.) She refused to listen to reason. She
had her paws in her ears and was shaking her head frantically,
as if to block out the truth. I could a step towards her,
with the intention of giving her a hug and telling her we
should sort out our differences. But I never got the chance.
The unbalance Haillee whirled around and pulled out a small,
pearl-handled switchblade. She went towards my face. (She has
always been jealous of my beautiful white muzzle.) Before
I knew it I was bleeding. She ran from the room.