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the game of SHEEP
Kirby explains what it means to play SHEEP.

Playing sheep is good exercise. The
rules are really pretty simple. I
start barking at Hailee and Elli, do
my charging stagg routine and pretty
soon they start to chase me.We run
like crazy through the house, out
one doggy door and in the other. Mock
fighting, you know, growling, trying
to rip each other's face off. Then
it is run some more. Running in to
the kitchen and jumping on to the
pillow so as to make it slide up
against the wall is great fun. We
do that several times. And when we
get tired we have a drink of water,
collapse in a heap, rest up and do
it again. 
I throughtly enjoy a brisk game of SHEEP
with Kirby. He really puts himself into
it and goes all out. I do my best to keep
up with him, but sometimes I just try to
outthink him.
I like to play once in a while too. But
often I just get aggravated and start to
shout at the both of them. They turn
into complete hooligans and must be
brought under control.
Kirby in his sheep costume,
getting ready to play.
Elli does get to be too bossy, but
it is great to have both Haillee
and Elli chase me. If she shouts
at me too much I just shout back
at her. After all she is not the
Halli Hailee Kirby Kirby Elli Elli